We are a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich history of Port Deposit and surrounding areas.  Anyone can be a member!

For details on becoming a member of the Heritage Corporation, and/or a member of the Board, a volunteer, donating, use of the meeting room, research, or anything else, please send an email through the "Contact Us" page,

contact us through Facebook (www.facebook.com/PortDepositHeritage),

or snail mail us at P. O. Box 101, Port Deposit, Maryland  21904.

Memberships to the Port Deposit Heritage Corporation are $20 annually; or $100 per person for life.  The membership fee helps maintain the Paw Paw building, as well as enables the subscriber to sit in on Board Meetings, give input on activities and functions, and allows unlimited access to the museum during operating hours, as well as a half price rate for research.

Research service is available for those currently not a member for a donation of $30.00.  This includes one person doing research for on hour on one question or topic. 

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The Port Deposit Heritage Corporation was organized in 1975 by the late Mrs. Grace Humphries.  Mrs. Humphries was a "newcomer" by some standards to Port Deposit, having not been born in town.  Perhaps this was the source of her vision.  She had a deep love for the town and a fear that its rich history would be lost to future generations if left unprotected.

A retired educator, having once taught at Jacob Tome Institute and later at Perryville Elementary, Mrs. Humphries focused her energies and went about the process of having the town placed on the National Register of Historical Places, a task that consumed years.

Under her guidance, the deteriorating Paw Paw Building was purchased for restoration to be used as a library and museum.  Today, the building stands as a fine example of rubble fieldstone construction techniques, and proof of Mrs. Humphries' commitment to the preservation of Port Deposit's Heritage.

in the Paw Paw Building

Port Deposit Heritage Museum